10 Times Jacob Latimore Was So #Bae You. Just. Couldn’t.

via Instagram

And, let’s be real, isn’t that ALL of the time??

1. That time he danced around his kitchen and sang to us:

2. That one time he made this face:


via airbornejetsetters.tumblr.com


 And this one, too:

via jacobjewels.tumblr.com

via jacobjewels.tumblr.com


3. That time he bit his lip like this:

via Instagram

via Instagram

4. That time when he was all surprised and thankful and errything at getting so much love:

5. That time he took the most adorable nap with his canine bestie:

via latimorefacts.tumblr.com/

via latimorefacts.tumblr.com

6. That time he taught us the importance of eating healthy:


7. That one time he was so, so cold (and yet so, so hot):


8. That time he rocked a brim hat, a white tank, and the dopest moves of all time:

via kiwithebeast.tumblr.com

via kiwithebeast.tumblr.com


9. Anytime he wears sunglasses…

via tiffanysheart.tumblr.com/

via tiffanysheart.tumblr.com


via thevulpixy.tumblr.com/

via thevulpixy.tumblr.com


via omissguided.tumblr.com/

via omissguided.tumblr.com

10. Or a smile:

via theplana.tumblr.com/

via theplana.tumblr.com


via nenemisfit.tumblr.com

via nenemisfit.tumblr.com


We ❤ you, Jacob! Keep on doin’ your thing!

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