Your 2013 Plan to Get It, Girl



Happy New Year!

If you’re like us, you’re ready for a #freshstart and #bigthangs in the 1-3. The past 12 months were filled with joys and sorrows, mistakes and huge wins, and now it’s time to let that all go. Amen? Peep these tips, act on them, and girl, you’ll be on fire!

Make the decision. Start a new club. Volunteer for a community service project. Go on your first date. Get on the honor roll. Sign up for that AP class. Get your driver’s license. Whatever you want to do — nothing is too simple. Nothing is unimportant.

Claim it, sister! Out loud. What good is it gonna do to keep your goals to yourself? We’re not saying you have to shout it out to everybody and their mamma, but it’s cool to share it with your besties and your family. They’ll be there to encourage you and have your back as you work toward what you want.

Set a deadline. Pick a date you’d like to see your achievement come to fruition — dont’ be slick trying to push it back again and again (LOL) —  and stick to it.

Put your plan into motion. Do something that moves you closer to your goal each day: Write that proposal for a new school organization, study a chapter at a time, actually say “wassup” to that cutie in 4th period chemistry.

Work hard, play hard. Celebrate your accomplishments!

Now we know that everything doesn’t always work out the way we plan, but that’s OK, too. The most important thing is that you tried and learned what works and what doesn’t. Leave any losses in the past, go’n brush your shoulders off, and go after something else. You got this.

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